soulja boy tell em. im too shy

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  • Me: That's so pretty!
  • Me: if only I had the boobs for it

I put music on even if I’m not rely listening to make me feel less alone

10. April 2014

There is something seriously wrong with society. People are numb and sometimes don’t even care when are person is suicidal or struggle with another mental illness. They don’t care that we are slowly destroying the only planet we have. They don’t care about the people begging on the streets and living in poverty simply because it doesn’t affect them. Yet other things that don’t affect them such as gay marriage some so strongly oppose to. Now I’m just here asking myself why? Why are so many humans like this? How can they lack compassion and empathy. Yes, mental illness and poverty have become a lot more common but it shouldn’t be ‘the norm’, there are people out there dying fighting a never ending battle against poverty, others or themselves but nobody cares.